cruelty free beauty

Out with the old in with the new.

I have always loved doing makeup and evolving natural beauty (everyone is beautiful with out without make up, just saying!); not only mine but for my friends and families. As wedding gifts I have done makeup for the girls, momma’s and grandmomma’s! I have done proms, and first dates, and even wedding proposal looks. As a result I have invested a lot of time and energy into my make up collection. I never bothered to look into cruelty free beauty, I guess it just didn’t ever cross my mind that I could be spending money on something I love and investing in something that I hate. I have always tried to be a light to people and to always make sure they knew that makeup was an evolving but not a creation of beauty. I never believe the hurt I was actually inflicting by trying to be a positive voice to people.

I learned about the horrible treatment of animals for cosmetic benefits in a “Biological Issues class.” The photos and graphic content that my professor showed us turned my stomach as I sat there with half of the companies she named plastered on my face and body. I have always been an animal lover, I seriously missed my calling to be a vet because my heart has always, always, always been with these little ones. I thought about my dogs at home and pictured them being killed for the benefit of someone using eyeliner. This wasn’t the beauty I was trying to spread, this wasn’t the message I wanted to deliver.

It didn’t take much research to find out everything my professor said was correct, and it didn’t take me long to start my conversion to cruelty free beauty. I have always been a Kat Von D fan, so I was so glad that half of my palettes were safe for me to use (what would I ever do without my Esperanza palette!?). But, I unfortunately had to do a huge overhaul of my collection. This included not just my make up, but my face washing routines, my hair care items, my body washes and lotions. This would be a huge life style change, but I was determined.

Although I am not anywhere near a pro, nor am I trying to guilt anyone into changing their lifestyle (or I would be posting horrible photos up from these facilities) I am just trying to encourage anyone who is struggling with making these changes and embracing their love for make up (I will talk to you all about other beauty routines later!). Through some heart wrenching trial and errors with switching from products I have come to know, love and master, to all new products that would test my patience; I have finally found products that I genuinely love. I wanted to go over some of the basic products I have switched to. The “everyday” items that you need whether you are going to the store, wedding, beach or a night out.

My new cruelty free makeup must haves:

  • Eyeliner-  I love liquid eyeliner (remember couldn’t survive without Cateyes & Cappuccinos) and I use it almost everyday, but I am not a fan of the liquid eyeliner pen’s. This was an issue for me, as most liquid eyeliners seem to come in the pen form, but I found an excellent formula in the style I like (dip eyeliner) with ZuZu Luxe liquid eyeliner! If you prefer your liquid eyeliner in pen form my personal favorite was Starlooks Pro Luxe Artist Edition Star Stamp Liquid Eyeliner Pen. The fun stamp is just a bonus!
  • Primer- Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Primer this stuff is amazing! I have literally gone hiking and my eye-shadow has remained vibrant and flawless. For an excellent face primer I recommend Pixie by Petra Flawless Beauty Primer, again hiking approved and it also has anti-aging benefits.
  • Foundation- Kat Von D’s lock it tattoo foundation, honestly this has always been my favorite as it has always left me feeling flawless. This has been dance-all-night-long-and-set-up-a-wedding-approved. It kept up with me wonderfully.
  • Blush- e.l.f Contouring blush and bronzing powder this can be found in most stores, which makes it easily accessible and you can not beat it’s $4.00 pricing. I also absolutely adore theBalm How about them apples lip and cheek cream palette, because who doesn’t love having one product with multiple uses?
  • Lips- Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick Stain is wonderful and you have 40 shades to choose from. Of course my all time favorite has always been Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick and those can be found in my bag or on my face at all times.