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Throwing Shade.

Florida is such a beautiful state to live in, but the harsh sun can totally take a toll on your skin. When I was younger & in my sweet naive teen years I ignored all of the warnings that came my way. I had no issue throwing on this year’s latest swimsuit and baking in the sun at the beach with my friends. Then I turned 20 and something absolutely wonderful happened (I hope you can sense my sarcasm..) I had a mole develop on my FOREHEAD, that’s right front and center of my face, but worse than that it started to bleed and would constantly be sore. I went to a dermatologist who was worried about the coloring of it and also one on my chest, ya know right on my left breast, where the latest swimsuit would not cover as well as any shirt that was not a turtle neck would also leave exposed.

I wish I could say I took this seriously, but what can I say I did not. I went to the beach with my best friends 2 days prior to removing and testing these moles and I did not wear sunscreen but applied tanning lotion to attract the sun. The removal process was not fun, and I had to bandage my forehead before applying any make up which can be  seen in my wonderful foam-party-photos-the following weekend.

Then I got the phone call. One of my moles came back perfectly normal, but the other did not and would need to have the roots dug out. I was shocked, how could a 20 year old have skin cancer and of all places on her FOREHEAD?! Well we could recap but upon thinking about my lifestyle it wasn’t hard for me to figure out.

After the second removal and laser surgery to make it so that I did not have a giant scar in the middle of my face I permanently changed my lifestyle then after moving to cruelty free beauty I changed my lifestyle again.

These days I do not tan, ever. When people throw shade at how someone who lives in Florida is as “pale as a wall” I throw shade right back that “I rock the porcelain look” and quite frankly I am fine with it. I do not ever go outside, especially in the summer, without some sort of SPF protecting my skin but most importantly my face. I have found cruelty free products that not only work overtime to protect your skin from the harshness of the sun but they also make your skin look and feel so wonderful.

First I use Neogen Dermalogy Day-Light Protection Sun Screen SPF 50. This is a great sunscreen that also battles dryness by using extracts from honey, rose, and raspberries. You would apply this like any other sunscreen, it is quick absorbing and it does it’s job thoroughly.  I have spent days out in the Florida sun with this on and never once been burned.

COOLA Daydream mineral primer is one of my main go to’s for the summertime. This primer is amazing. It is vegan and of course cruelty free. While working to protect your skin it also evens out tones and blurs fine lines.




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