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Isn’t it so frustrating when you can not find the perfect lipstick shade for that perfect outfit you have in your mind? Trust me I know the struggle all too well. 

This past weekend after I finished my last final, I just had to go out to celebrate my (few weeks) of school freedom. I had the perfect outfit and I was dying to try a new eye make up tutorial but those lips?! I had nothing that would go with the look I was trying to accomplish.

I needed a little bit of brown, red, nude with a hint of pink and I did not have that color among my liquid lipstick collection. So I made it.

That’s right I remixed some of my favorite colors into the masterpiece I needed. If you follow these easy steps you can mix your own lip creation as well.

  1. Start with your base shade which you should also make your deepest shade.
  2. Do not apply color upon color to lips unless you are trying to contour or layer your lips. (Post for another day!)
  3. Once you’ve picked your base shade apply a lips covering amount to a flat surface. (I literally used a plate) Then add the second most prominent color of desired look. For example I wanted a red for my base so I started with Kat Von D’s  liquid lipstick in Plath. The second color I wanted to be the most prominent is light brown so I added theBalm’s liquid lipstick in Committed. If you need a third color then add the least prominent color now. I wanted just a hint of nude and pink to lighten the coloring of my creation so I added just a drop of Tarte’s liquid lipstick in Birthday suit.
  4. Mix well and swatch on hand before application.
  5. Apply evenly for desired look.

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