So much music so little time.

I love music. In fact most of my friends have dubbed my their go to for new music or will designate me their DJ for social gatherings. That being said one of my favorite music genres is covers. That’s right covers. 

I love listening to different versions of songs that you already adore. An artist adding their own styling to a song is amazing because they bring their emotions to it, emphasize things the original artist did not, and they turn it into something new and beautiful that you can connect to.

My only complaint is that when you have so many amazing versions of one song you feel like their isn’t enough time to explore them all! So I figured I’d help you out and put together my current top 10 covers that I have been listening to repeatedly while preparing my trip next week. I hope they grab your attention and make you appreciate the song in a new way.
1) Out of the woods: For King and Country originally by Taylor Swift

2) Photograph: Boyce Avenue originally by Ed Sheeran

3) Need you now: Adele ft Darius Tucker originally by Lady Antebellum

4) Free Falling: John Mayer originally by Tom Petty

5) Fix you: Yellowcard originally by Coldplay

6) Love yourself: Halsey originally by Justin Bieber

7) Come together: Aerosmith originally by the Beatles

8) Closer: Connor Maynard & Alexa Goddard originally by The Chainsmokers ft Halsey

9) Stitches: State Champs originally by Shawn Mendes

10) What hurts the most: Aaron Lewis originally by Rascal Flatts


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