So much music so little time.

I love music. In fact most of my friends have dubbed my their go to for new music or will designate me their DJ for social gatherings. That being said one of my favorite music genres is covers. That's right covers.  I love listening to different versions of songs that you already adore. An artist… Continue reading So much music so little time.

cruelty free beauty


Isn't it so frustrating when you can not find the perfect lipstick shade for that perfect outfit you have in your mind? Trust me I know the struggle all too well.  This past weekend after I finished my last final, I just had to go out to celebrate my (few weeks) of school freedom. I… Continue reading Remix.

cruelty free beauty

Out with the old in with the new.

I have always loved doing makeup and evolving natural beauty (everyone is beautiful with out without make up, just saying!); not only mine but for my friends and families. As wedding gifts I have done makeup for the girls, momma's and grandmomma's! I have done proms, and first dates, and even wedding proposal looks. As… Continue reading Out with the old in with the new.